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The Woman That Changed Our Lives

Posted by Jacqui Long on

Last week was an amazing week for the FLEEPS team. Starfish Impact, our giving partner maximizing women’s potential through girl’s education and leadership opportunities to indigenous girls in Guatemala, held an amazing event here in Denver.

It was unforgettable.

Starfish Impact is a profound organization pioneering girls education with resources that unlock and maximize the potential of young women leading to transformational change for themselves, their communities and the world at large. We donate 10% of every FLEEPS purchase to them.

Now, it’s one thing to hear about all the amazing things that an organization is doing….like taking a once poverty stricken young girl on a path where she could realize her dreams of becoming a biomedical engineer…. but it’s quite another to have a major thought leader appear on stage and give a keynote speech.

Jess Wiener is an amazing woman with two decades of experience as a thought leader on how we think, see and approach women and girls.

Her consulting firm, Talk to Jess, partners with global brands to help change their messaging towards women and girls, leading towards empowerment and authentic engagement.

You may have heard of some of her remarkable work on Dove’s Real Women campaign as well as being the driving force behind Barbie’s body evolution.

She’s also been recognized by FORBES magazine as one of the "14 Power Women to Follow" on Twitter and INC. Magazine recently named her in their “21 Thought Leaders Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2016” feature.

That’s impressive.

And now this incredible woman is working with Starfish Impact because she understands the power of what they do and has had first hand experience of what it’s like to support the organization .

Jess’s keynote speech at the event was perhaps one of the most inspiring and empowering talks we’ve ever seen and we’re thrilled to be supporting her efforts with Starfish Impact.

But here’s the thing.

You’re a huge part of this.

You’re FLEEPS purchases, along with the additional purchases you inspire by rocking your FLEEPS style, sharing with family and friends and gifting are the fuel that rockets the growth of Starfish Impact to empower women.

It’s exhilarating being a part of something so much bigger than yourself.

So, in honor of Starfish Impact, Jess Weiner and YOU we’ll be offering all FLEEPS at 20% off through October.

We thank you for your continued support and applaud you in how awesome you are for giving back and making an impact in the world….and looking amazing while doing it!

With so much love,

Jacqui Long | The FLEEPS Team

I highly encourage you to check out Jess Weiner’s website, especially if you’re a socially conscious entrepreneur. She’s brilliant.  

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