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4 Cheap, Eco-Friendly Halloween Costume Tips

Posted by Jacqui Long on

Tis the season for that oh so coveted day where you get to be anything you want…..and it’s completely acceptable!

We love Halloween and wanted to share a few tricks of our own.

Here’s 4 tips to creating your award winning costume eco-fashionista style...without breaking the bank.


  1. Look In Your Closet | Your perfect costume may be right at your fingertips. Reinvent the wheel with a killer clown costume created from some of your signature polka dot, striped or plaid pieces. Throw them over a pair of skinnies and toss in a brightly colored pair of FLEEPS and you’ll be turning heads...in a good way.
  2. Use Makeup And Face Paint Instead Of Buying Plastic Masks | This is a great way to let your creativity shine and keep plastic out of the landfills.
  3. Throw A Costume Swap Party | Invite friends, family and coworkers over for a costume swap party night. Let them know to bring their old Halloween costumes (and maybe some wine) and have a fun evening of mixing and matching until everyone is ready for the holiday.
  4. Use The Thrift Store | The thrift store is a goldmine for costume inspiration or for adding those extraordinary details.

We hope you have a blast on Halloween!

With love,

Jacqui Long | FLEEPS Team 

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