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5 Tips to Channeling Your Fall Eco-Fashionista

   Fall fashion is in full swing….and we love it! The rich colors, variety of textures and endless layering options make it one of the most favorite fashion seasons of the year.But, style at the price of people and the planet is not beautiful, so how do you stay true to your eco-fashionista values when [...]

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Get Exactly What You Want

Aaah customization. You’ve got to love getting exactly what you want.It’s when you’re turning heads in that perfect outfit, giving your friend a gift they’ll cherish forever or throwing a party that people will never stop talking about.It’s having or giving that perfect thing that everybody loves.And this is why we created the FLEEPS customization [...]

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The Woman That Changed Our Lives

Last week was an amazing week for the FLEEPS team. Starfish Impact, our giving partner maximizing women’s potential through girl’s education and leadership opportunities to indigenous girls in Guatemala, held an amazing event here in Denver.It was unforgettable.Starfish Impact is a profound organization pioneering girls education with resources that unlock and maximize the potential of [...]

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