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From sultry to spooky - FLEEPS has you covered.

Posted by Zara Cooney on

Halloween is a time to shine. 

Here are our favorite Halloween looks.


Bohemian Mermaid
Mermaids have been a huge source of fashion inspiration this year - from headpieces to ethereal makeup. 

Channel your inner mermaid this Halloween. Add a pair of aquamarine FLEEPS and a crystal crown for the perfect bohemian twist. 

Check out some of our other favorite looks:


Fortune Teller

Ready to tap into your mystic side? Grab your crystals, your gold FLEEPS, and stack on some bangles

....and voilà you are good to go! 


Witchy Woman

Put a fashionable spin on this classic Halloween look with a pair of onyx FLEEPS

We will leave the spell casting up to you....

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