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Stay thankful with FLEEPS

Posted by Zara Cooney on

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving! 

Each year we use this day to take time to acknowledge what we are grateful for. But why limit the act of gratitude to one day? Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday - it is a lifestyle. With so much beauty around us, why not manifest gratitude each and every day?

We all have a lot to be thankful for. Here's just a few things we are grateful for.

1. Friends and family

We consider our friends and family our lifeline. Through both moments of joy and moments of pain, they are there to support, encourage, nourish and sustain us. Our friends who have become family and family who have become friends have filled our hearts with joy. 

Let's spread the gratitude and make sure those around us know how important they are to us. 

So, give that friend you haven't talked to a while a call. Send your mom a letter. Say the simple words "I love you" more. 

Spread the love. 

2. Health

Our bodies are temples. We are so very thankful for all our body allows us to do - travel to visit friends, enjoy the beauty of nature, feel all the senses that come with life.

3. Mother Earth

Wow. She truly is magnificent, awe-inspiring, graceful, and constantly flowing through time and space. 

We recently took a trip to the mountains. There is something about feeling so small in the presence of something so immense and powerful. It forces us to loosen our emphasis on individual self and move into a state of humility in the face of ungraspable vastness. 

4. Education

At FLEEPS we believe education is a born-right, not a privilege. We are grateful to have equal access to education. However, we know that the same does not hold true in other areas of the world. That is why our mission at FLEEPS is to provide girls around the world with education resources to allow them to reach their potential, enhance their community and reach their dreams. 


To show our gratitude, we are hosting our largest sale of the year beginning tomorrow. Until January 1st all FLEEPS will be 40% off. So whether you are looking for that perfect holiday present or looking to treat yourself, you can now do so without breaking the bank. And for every pair you buy, we will send a girl in need to school for a day. Seems like a win-win. 

With grateful hearts - have a beautiful Thanksgiving. 



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