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The Human Heart Tells Us We Are More Alike Than Unalike

Posted by Taylor Craver on

Valentine's Day encourages us to share love, but for those of us who are single, it’s all too easy to find yourself feeling unloved & unwanted on this holiday. Instead of wallowing in a pint of ice cream on the couch while checking your couple-friends social media posts, spread the love to those in need & watch love multiply in your life! 

Here are a few suggestions how:


“Volunteer more” seems to always be one of my New Year's resolutions. Check it off the list & spread love to those in need this Valentine's Day! Call up your local refugee center & see if you can host a dinner or clothing drive for the newly arrived. Bring a box of chocolates & games to a local senior center. Give some extra attention to groups who are often neglected, and watch the love come back to you 10-fold.

Show Some Love To Your Core 5

Spread some gratitude & appreciation for your ride-or-dies: Your parents, siblings & best friends that you could not live without. Tell them what they mean to you in a note or ask if there is any labor you can do to help them. Celebrate the deep love relationships you have in your life.


Make a point to give out 14 compliments to people throughout the day. We should never underestimate the power our words have. A compliment can turn someone’s bad day upside down, and evoke feelings of gratitude, appreciation & happiness in you!

Another great idea is to pay it forward by supporting a charity organization! Every pair of FLEEPS purchased donates money to supporting girls' education. 

Start spreading the love today!

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