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Why FLEEPS Are Better Than Regular Flip Flops And Why You Should Care.

Posted by Jacqui Long on

Flip flops can get a bad rap...and for good reason.

Choices are made to use toxic materials that are bad for your health and horrible for the planet.

To keep prices low, quality may suffer, leading to premature break down and wasted money having to replace your sandals over and over again.

And then there’s the lack of support experienced with a traditional flip flop. They don’t hold your feet in place, are hard to walk in, and can cause postural issues leading to pain.

But here’s the great part. FLEEPS allows you to bypass this struggle and enjoy the cute simplicity that comes from wearing your favorite flip flops.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you buy a beautiful pair of FLEEPS:

  • Insane Comfort
    • Lightweight, textured EVA footbed and sole | EVA is a polymer used in active footwear for incredible cushion and flexibility
    • Vegan
    • Stress & crack resistant | Looks great, lasts forever
    • Waterproof | No squishing
    • Resistant to UV radiation | No fading
  • Unique, Fashion Forward Design
    • Beautiful, slim, smooth finish straps that wrap elegantly around your foot
    • Effortless day to night style
  • Stability & Support
    • Adjustable cross ankle and front straps combine for a secure fit. | Easy to walk in. No flopping.
    • Smooth finish toe thong | No irritation, no sliding.
  • Gives Back
    • Every purchase gives 10% to girls' education worldwide.
  • Made With Love
    • FLEEPS are handmade in Costa Rica by women who empowered by your purchase. They’re paid above minimum wage, allowing them to live an independent, sustainable life and contribute to the community.
    • Sustainable production | Zero waste, zero emissions.

FLEEPS are designed with your lifestyle in mind. Head turning eco-fashionista style and comfort from day to night.

We’d love for you to experience this for yourself. Enjoy 20% off sitewide for a limited time only.


Jacqui Long | FLEEPS Team

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