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What is Fleeps Made of?

to you:

FLEEPS wants to instill comfort and satisfaction in your life while making a positive impact in the world. We are devoted to making you happy.

to us:

We are a hard-working, diverse, motivated group of people that thrive on creativity, positive vibes and smiling. We love skydiving, craft beer, tigers and rainbows.


As a company, our goal is to create a sustainable, stylish, comfortable product that benefits the community as a whole. We invite you to be a part of FLEEPS and help affect positive change in lives around the world, including your own.


We want to make you happy
by answering your questions!

What does “FLEEPS” mean?

noun \ˈflēps\
Pure joy, happiness, delight, excitement, comfort, warmth, contentment, love, bliss, feeling carefree, lighthearted, pleased and grateful.

What do the lips mean in your logo?

At FLEEPS, we believe that smiling is the universal language. We strive to make our customers happy with our product, logo, and company objectives. Share your smile today.

Who are the founders?

FLEEPS is the brainchild of Kael Robinson, founder and CEO of two other major fashion brands including Brazilets and Live Worldly. Robinson has enjoyed a career in fashion at top design houses such as Vera Wang and Talbots. Robinson’s passion for travel, girls’ education initiatives, and fashion inspired the creation of FLEEPS and the charity component that acts as the foundation of the brand.

“Our goal is to create a sustainable, stylish, comfortable product that benefits the community as a whole,” stated Robinson. “We want women to step into their very best selves by wearing a sandal that makes them feel good - both by affective positive change for other women in the world through their purchase and from a style perspective.”

How are FLEEPS worn?

1. Put your foot onto the sole of the shoe, placing your big toe outside of the front strap and the other toes under the front strap.

2. Place your feel on the back of the sole.

3. Make sure you pull the two straps high up onto your ankle.

4. Put the outer strap into the loops and pull nice and tight, holding the loops while you pull.

5. Put the remaining strap that is hanging tucked under the bottom strap to make sure your feet are nice and cozy in your pair of FLEEPS.

How do we pick our non-profit partners?

We pick our non-profits based on a couple of things.

Are they focused on educating and empowering girls?
Have they already made an impact in the country they are in and in the girls’ lives who they have educated?
Do they not just educate, but give more?
Are they leaders in their impact and program?

What does “One Pair, One Day” mean?

It means what it literally says…Every pair of FLEEPS bought gives one day of education to a girl in need around the world. Not only that buy it also means One pair of FLEEPS can one day be the change that we are wishing to see in the world.

How can i make my impact bigger?

BUY FLEEPS and help spread the word about FLEEPS and what we are doing to make this world a better place and change lives. Use these hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: #onepaironeday #fleeps #fleepsus #hugyourfeet #fleepssmiles. Also, share photos, talk about FLEEPS and join us by smiling!

Are FLEEPS comfortable?

Insanely comfortable… there is a reason we use the term “Hug Your Feet…” because it literally feels like your feet are being given a hug when you put on FLEEPS and wear them around.

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