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What is Fleeps About?


What do you believe makes people happy? Is that enough to change the world? FLEEPS was created to bring change through happiness. FLEEPS are international, all-encompassing sandals. Inspired by beach life and international travel, FLEEPS have an effortless style that allows you to be who you are while being a part of wherever you are. Our goal was to create a sandal that you could wear anywhere in the world and feel comfortable and fashionable. We strive to encourage the FLEEPS wearer to gain perspective and awareness through fashion.


Kael Robinson, founder of FLEEPS, has always worked in fashion and saw room in the market for products with purpose. Through her endeavors as an entrepreneur, she created impactful brands. From bracelets that helped plant trees in the Amazon to a global marketplace that benefited artisans and charities worldwide, Kael has strived to not only provide products with meaning, but also to create products people love. FLEEPS is a lifestyle brand that’s not just about what’s on the outside. FLEEPS is all about making people happy and giving someone something to smile about. We want opening a box of FLEEPS to be like opening a present.


In today’s world, with never-ending options at our fingertips, it’s important to invest in things that have a lot to offer with little cost. Comfort, fashion, and ease come with every pair of FLEEPS. It’s always great to see that with so little, you can do so much. FLEEPS are not only affordable, but your purchase buys so much more than a pair of great sandals. At FLEEPS, giving isn’t about large donations. It’s about bringing people together to be a part of something great.

At FLEEPS, we care about your feet. As we all know, flip-flops can be hard on feet. They can be painful and take a lot of work to stay on. FLEEPS hug your feet. We make sandals you can enjoy, not stress about. FLEEPS celebrate our feet, not try to make them something they are not. They are the perfect balance of secure, yet minimal. They make your feet happy by being stylish, simple, unique, and classy.


The non-profit aspect of FLEEPS is why it was created and is truly our labor of love. It’s great to see other brands succeed through social enterprise, however, FLEEPS wanted to do it a little differently. We wanted to create a larger impact by solidifying lasting change. FLEEPS was created by educated women who believe that when you educate women, you are educating families. It creates a ripple effect within communities of empowerment. On the flip side, there are cultural issues that conflict with our ideology. It’s not an easy road, but we insist on planting the seeds, and are eager to see the growth. We strive to allow FLEEPS to give a voice to suppressed women, and give them the choice to have their voice heard.

At the end of the day, you are our story. It’s happening now, and we know the best is yet to come. We move forward together on this journey to make dreams of a bright future a reality.

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